Easy operation – Full performance.

Spray faster and carry more liquid. The MEGA sets new standards for lift-mounted sprayers. With its sleek and modern design and unparallelled comfort for the driver, we have designed a machine that will keep you spraying all day.

Minimum downtime
With the introduction of the SmartCom digital platform, we are not only offering you a fully ISOBUS-controlled sprayer, but also a minimum of downtime. Through diagnostics, our service team can assess the health of your machine to get you up and running quickly. The platform also supports the liquid system, thereby allowing faster spraying speeds with higher volume rates.

Superb comfort
When in the field, the AirRide suspension will reduce shock loads on the machine, resulting in a more stable boom and higher comfort for the driver.

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Tank: 1200 / 1500 / 1800 / 2200 l

Controller: HC 7500, HC 8600, HC 9600, HC 8700, HC 9700 or ISOBUS

TurboFiller: High capacity, easy to operate

Liquid system: DynamicFluid4

Chassis: High-tensile steel chassis

PRO booms: Compact, vertically folded booms 15, 18 m

VPZ booms: Strong and rigid booms, due to the lattice boom structure, 21, 24, 27, 28 m


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