Non-Recessed Slurry Tankers

Fleming Agri manufacture a wide range of non-recessed slurry tankers. The non- recessed slurry tankers have 6mm wall thickness with internal bracing and baffling giving added strength as standard. Additionally the non-recessed tankers are ideal for dust suppression.

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  • High performance 8,000L Battioni long life pump
  • Pump protector on both sides of the drawbar
  • Galvanised rear inspection hatch
  • 15ft suction hose
  • 4 fill points as standard
  • Full length, reinforced drawbar, attached to the axle, reducing stress on tank
  • Quick attach mechanism for convenient clean loading
  • All tankers are welded inside and outside for strength
  • All tankers are painted internally and externally for longer life
  • 550/60×22.5 tyres as standard
  • Parking stand, cable and hose stand as standard


    • Option of 21.3xR24 on ST1300N and ST1600N