Planter 3

The PLANTER 3 seed drill is the result of a design sought after by the KUHN Group. Provided with an exceptional modularity in all precision seeding configurations, this range is distinguished by the quality of its precision, its adaptability to the needs of multiple farms and the regularity of its placement of seed on the row.

The range of Planter three pneumatic precision seed drills includes six different frames dedicated to all farms. From the mono-bar to the telescopic and the folding frame, you will find the option that meets your needs and the conditions of your soil. With spacings between 25 and 80 cm, you can sow between 3 and 12 rows with a precise and powerful seed drill. Adapted to European transport widths, this precision planter enables you to achieve your profitability goals while not losing productivity thanks to simple settings, optimised precision and suitable options.