Silo Block Cutter HQ plus

Easy and quick

cutting of silage without any interruption by means of the slim cutting arm


Full movement of knives at any time

thanks to hydraulic travel switching of knife drive


Optimum utilisation

of the tractor width due to wide cutting Frame (loading capacity of 1,75-2,80 m²)

Extremely fast and clean cut by means of the Strautmann silo block cutter.

  • Robust, reliable and well performing
  • Clean picking-up up to the silo wall
  • Close hitching-up to the tractor ensures centre of gravity being in a balanced position
  • Fast removal at the silo and thus less reheating

→ The fodder quality is maintained

Cutting Frame

  • Minimum cutting resistance due to slim cutting arm
  • Slim design of cutting arm due to drive via 2 doubleacting hydraulic cylinders at the rear
  • Long service life due to proven knife steel



  • Possible equipment with lifting frame for particularly high picking-up heights
  • Picking-up heights from 2,90-3,60 m
  • Effective utilisation of the tractor‘s lifting power due to small distance to the frame

Lifting frame

  • With optional Lifting frame
  • Proven forced feed for extremely hard silage

→ Independent of the tractor‘s hydraulic system, an internal hydraulic system presses the cutting arm through the silage with up to 220 bar.

  • Furthermore, it is equipped with an automatic feed Control:

→ Self-adaptation to silage density

→ Maximum picking-up Performance at any time