Verti-Mix SF Double SF

  • Usable mixing capacity of 11 – 20 m³
  • Silo picking-up and feeding with one machine
  • Accurate feeding
  • 6-cylinder engine for maximum power and low consumption

The IMS mixing auger – Variability and strength for any purpose

Due to the patented knife adjustment system, the IMS mixing auger can be perfectly adapted to your specific conditions of use. The robust and low-maintenance  angular gear ensures a long service life even under challenging conditions.


  • Low power requirement
  • Optimum fodder structure
  • Homogeneous mixing
  • Energy-saving short mixing times

Milling system for optimum picking-up Performance

Discharge options – adapted to your enterprise

Weighing and operating

Engine and drive line

  • 6-cylinder engine with emissions Level V
  • Powerful and economical 
  • Turbo-diesel engine with water cooling
  • 129 kW/175 HP at 1,900 rpm 
  • 714 Nm at 1,500 rpm