5 DF TTV 5105

From vineyard and orchard work to gardening, landscaping and municipal applications, maximum productivity and flexibility are basic requirements of a financially successful business.

Excellence in constant evolution.

Conceived specifically to maximise productivity with unparalleled versatility and efficiency, the new 5 Series DF/DS/DV TTV family boasts class-beating technology and ergonomics, for working with uncompromised performance in even the most restricted spaces. With more powerful and fuel efficient new engines, TTV transmissions and load sensing hydraulic systems with 100 l/min pump, the new series raises the bar even further for safety, on-board comfort and productivity.




The new 3 and 4 cylinder FARMotion 35 and 45 engines equipping the latest generation 5 Series DF/DS/DV TTV family are even more powerful and fuel efficient than ever. These engines feature decidedly innovative technical content such as high pressure Common Rail injection (with injection pressures of up to 2000 bar), 7-hole injectors, an electronically controlled viscostatic fan, PowerCore air filters and the OverBoost function. The result is an impressive package of high-tech solutions minimising fuel consumption while maximising productivity. The extraordinary compactness of the suite of exhaust aftertreatment solutions used, with an externally, cooled and EGR circuit with electronic recirculated flow control, DOC (diesel oxidative catalyst), passive DPF and SCR, has made it possible to maintain the same overall dimensions as the previous Stage IIIB generation power unit, to ensure a generous steering angle and excellent forward visibility from the driver seat. As well as featuring a host of new technological solutions implemented to meet Stage V emissions standards, all the engines in the range also deliver more torque and power than before, with the range-topping model boasting an impressive maximum power output 116 HP (126 HP with the OverBoost function active).




The state of the art TTV transmission transfers power to the wheels effectively and efficiently in all conditions and at any speed, offering unrivalled comfort and seamlessly smooth power delivery without jolting, turning the impressive power of the engine effectively into superior productivity, with no loss in performance. And on top of all this, the transmission even allows for a top speed of 40 Km/h achievable at engine economy speed!

The ergonomic MaxCom console offers fingertip control over all the main functions of the tractor, for unprecedented simplicity and practicality. For instance, direction inversions can be performed simply and easily with the user-programmable buttons on the joystick, while the Sense dial lets the operator select within a range of engine and transmission modes from “ECO”, for minimised fuel consumption, to “Power”, for maximum power and productivity.

Engine speed and transmission drive ratio are matched automatically in real time to keep the tractor working as efficiently as possible, whatever the conditions. The operator can save up to 2 forward and 2 reverse speeds, and recall them whenever needed by simply pressing the relative buttons.




On the new 5 Series DF/DS/DV TTV, even the rear PTO is conceived for superlative functionality, versatility and performance. All variants of the rear PTO and the optional front PTO are equipped with a proportionally engaged electromechanical clutch with automatic load sensing function, for starting and stopping implements without sudden kickback – which also contributes to maximising the lifespan of the implements themselves.

All versions are offered as standard with the 3 universal speed modes (540 rpm, 540ECO and 1000 rpm), while a groundspeed rear PTO and a 1000 rpm front PTO are available as options. The output stub shaft of the rear PTO is quickly interchangeable on all versions, letting you set the PTO up rapidly and easily to work with any implement drive shaft type without having to use impractical and potentially dangerous adapters. For greater comfort and productivity when carrying out repetitive manoeuvres, all variants come as standard with a function which engages and disengages the PTO automatically in relation to the vertical position of the implement mounted on the 3-point linkage of the rear lift.


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