6 Series 6180 Agrotron

The agricultural industry is highly diverse.


The agricultural industry is highly diverse. Each individual enterprise has its own totally individual success strategy. Whether it’s a large, medium, or small company, a contractor, or a local authority, they all have one thing in common: they need to be successful. Accordingly, tractor technology needs to 100% match their working profile. Plowing, sowing, cultivating, transporting, harvesting crops, front loader work: each individual professional will decide how the tractor will be utilized. DEUTZ-FAHR has developed the 6 Series for this purpose: 10 models ranging from 156 to 207 hp, three wheelbases, three transmission variants, cabin types with different comfort levels, and various other feature options, you can put together the best technology mix in this tractor class, and create your own, unique tractor. With the 6 Series, DEUTZ-FAHR has redefined the concept of configurability.




The 6 Series is equipped with proven DEUTZ 6.1 and 4.1 engines. Engine available in Stage IV for EPA markets as well as in Stage III A for LRC markets. More responsive than ever and delivering higher torque while at the same time reducing consumption of fuel and AdBlue. The exhaust system features SCR exhaust after-treatment and an additional, passive DPF. DPF offers three advantages compared to the usual active filters: no fuel injection directly into the filter, less heat is generated around the unit and an efficient engine “heat-mode” strategy reduces regeneration needs. This saves fuel and money while conforming to all international emission standards. On TTV models, the efficiency of the engine is also supported by electronic Visco fans. DEUTZ engines – modern, Made in Germany technology – are synonymous with the highest levels of reliability and efficiency, allowing you to achieve the maximum from your work.




What is the main area of focus for your tractor? Simple farmyard work, grassland work, heavy transporting, pulling heavy implements in the field, or a mixture of all of these? Whatever the focus of your new 6 Series, it offers exactly the right transmission for any driver demand and any budget.

Maximum comfort and high efficiency: it’s the TTV transmission. This efficient and reliable system is capable of varying speed continuously, optimizing engine power without unnecessary loading or fuel wastage, for easier and more productive work. These operating principles allow the TTV transmission to quickly provide the required driving speed, ensuring a smooth drive and advantages in terms of on-the-move comfort and safety, particularly when driving on roads.

Fully automatic RCshift transmission offers 5 robotized speeds gear plus 6 Powershift steps forward and 3 reverse, for a total of 30 + 15 speeds (with creeper: 54 + 27). A high speed and high pulling transmission.

With 5 mechanical gear speeds plus 6 Powershift steps forward and 3 reverse, the Powershift transmission offers 30 + 15 speeds (with creeper: 54 + 27) for a 40 or 50 Km/h maximum speed (according to market regulations) at reduced engine speeds.

All transmissions are easy to operate and provide 40 kph at ultra-eco or 50 kph at super-eco engine speeds. In addition, they are simple to program and easy to monitor via the onboard displays. They each offer excellent efficiency, precision, and effectiveness. However, what is unique about the new 6 Series is that you can choose the level of gear shift technology you want.




With four PTO speeds 540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO at the rear and 1000 or 1000ECO at the front, all work can be carried out very efficiently. With the DualSpeed front PTO option, those speeds can be changed from the cab in the InfoCentrePro. This allows maximum operating efficiency at all times and means that it is possible to operate frequently with the engine at low rpm. Thanks to the reduced engine speed characteristics, coupled with ECO power take-off technology, fuel consumption is significantly reduced. The proportionally controlled PTO prevents sharp start-ups and protects transmission components. The new InfoCentrePro provides clear, easily understandable information about hydraulic and PTO functions. All hydraulic and PTO functions can be easily set and controlled from the right console or armrest in the cab.


Hydraulic System


The attachment points of the new 6 Series are available with a wide range of feature options. For the hydraulics, you can choose between mechanical and electro-hydraulic controls, up to five hydraulic valves in the rear and two in the front, and a hydraulic pump output of up to 170 L/min, with a rear lifting capacity of up to 9.700 kg. The models with the MaxiVision 2 cab have all the hydraulic inputs proportionally controlled, for a broader control of implements. A separate oil tank ensures an ample oil supply for the TTV models. The main hydraulics are offered with a Load sensing system or an open center constant flow pump. The new front linkage system of the 6 Series TTV range is equipped with a position control function, providing greater control across a broader range of implements. The new front support with a new integrated front lift is designed to match the front suspension, this solution provides a compact layout for maximum steering capability, offering up to 5.450 kg lift with up to 2 dedicated front valves. The front mounting area also features an integrated ISOBUS terminal.




The front axle with suspension and the braking system of the 6 Series are unique in this performance class. The front axle is now fitted with double-acting hydraulic cylinders and a longer stroke, significantly increasing the damping effect, which is electronically controlled. Depending on the brake intensity and driving speed, two suspension levels are activated – the AntiDive and AntiRise system, or the complete suspension system in the field and on the road; the suspension system can also be locked. The additional Booster brake system ensures maximum braking performance with the lightest pedal pressure. No other standard tractor offers a front axle and dry disc brakes combined with the booster brake system.

TTV models are equipped with the EPB: the automatic parking brake system which acts on the rear brake discs. The EPB automatically disengages when the shuttle direction is activated and automatically engages when the driver leaves the seat. Moreover, TTV models can be equipped with the new exhaust engine brake, for 40 % more braking power, especially when driving downhill with heavy loads, this system prevents the service brakes from overheating. This increases safety and decreases service costs. The operation is comfortable, easy to use, and reliable via an additional pedal that controls a butterfly valve. The braking performance is optimised automatically according to the pre-selected driving mode (Auto, Manual, PTO).




In general, the higher the driving and operating comfort, the more productive the work. And the more relaxed the work, the better the results. For this reason, all 6 Series models offer first-class cabin comfort. Unique in the market: You can choose from a multitude of technology, equipment, specification, and comfort variants. It’s completely up to you. Based on the intended purpose of the tractor and on the driver’s demands, there is a solution for all budgets. Whatever the requirements, the new 6 Series has you on the right track. MaxiVision 2 cabs with different operating comfort levels and technological solutions, from simple mechanical manual controls to the most advanced electronic joystick. You can choose between three hatch options – a simple green sliding roof, a glass roof with UV absorption, or the FOPS safety version for optimal views while using the front loader. Whatever you choose, the new 6 Series will meet your personal demands.


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