High harvesting performance and gentle charging are the special features that distinguish the Strautmann forage wagon Ambion. The large-sized hay superstructures ensure maximum transport capacity.


  • Ambion 250 – 500
  • Loading capacity 24 – 49 m³
  • Tine bars
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Gentle charging

– With the Ambion tine-bar assembly

  • 4 or 5 tine bars
  • Optimal for hay & straw
  • High harvesting performance

Tine bars & cutting unit

– Safe charging, precise cutting

  • tine-bar assembly with 4 or 5 tine bars
  • Standard equipment with 6 knives
  • Additional knives are hydraulically extended


Ambion 250-360: Standard with Silage superstructure , optional hay superstructure

Ambion 440 and 500: Standard with hay superstructure

Silage superstructure

  • Solid superstructure for use in grass harvesting

Hay superstructure

  • High superstructure for large loading capacity
  • Robust design with wide guide plates for
  • optimum charging and transport without any losses

Transport floor

  • Even feed due to 10 mm strong round steel chains with a breaking load of 13 t each
  • Handy profile strips with U-shaped cross-section screwed to the chains


Boogie tandem assembly

  • Safe and comfortable driving
  • High degree of stability even during cornering
  • Large pendulum radius


Steering axle

  • Optional equipment
  • Protects the sward and reduces tyre wear


Several operating options enable an adapted and  easy operation


  • E-Control
  • Smart 570