With particularly low drag resistance of the unique Continuous Flow System (CFS).

  • Super-Vitesse 3102 – 3502
  • Loading capacity 29 – 33 m³
  • CFS unit
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Flex-Load Pick-up (optional)

Flexible charging – Saving time and effort

Minimum wear and optimum adaptation to ground due to the innovative Flex-Load pick-up with plastic tines

CFS – Continuous Flow System

– the system for efficient charging

Due to the interaction of different components, the CFS unit ensures excellent charging performance with little power required. Pick-up, CFS roller, rotor and Exact-Cut cutting unit are ideally matched to each other and complement each other perfectly. This results not only in excellent cutting quality but also in easy towing, thus saving power, money and time.

Rotor and cutting unit

– For optimum fodder quality

  • Feeder rotor with 6 tine rows
  • Helically arranged
  • Consistent torque without peak loads


  • Solid superstructure
  • Slip-proof transport floor
  • Easy access
  • Optimum filling degree
  • Clever dosing


Boogie tandem chassis

  • Chassis with parabolic suspension for an admissible axle load of 16 t
  • Optional 18 t Fahrwerk chassis

Passive steering axle

  • Optional equipment
  • Excessive friction of wheels on the ground is prevented

Electronic forced steering axle

  • Optional equipment
  • The SES system („Strautmann Electronic Steering“) provides a high degree of driving stability
  • Adjustment of steering angle to the speed
  • Excellent manoeuvrability of the Super-Vitesse CFS


Several operating options enable an adapted and easy operation of the Super-VitesseCFS 02

  • E-Control
  • Strautmann ISOBUS