Cultimer M/L

The CULTIMER is the ideal stubble cultivator for your farm. With different models suitable for all agricultural enterprises, these multi-purpose stubble cultivators will allow you to perform three actions in a single pass.

The range of CULTIMER stubble cultivators, is divided into two categories: CULTIMER M with 2 rows of tines and CULTIMER L with 3 rows of tines. These stubble cultivation tools are suitable for a wid range of tractors(75 to 420 hp). The CULTIMER curved tine is known for its mixing quality, whatever the soil conditions. Thanks to the versatility of the wearing parts (points, wings, goosefoot shares), a wide range of cultivations are possible: shallow stubble cultivation from 3 to 7 cm to create a stale seedbed; incorporation of residue from 7 to 15 cm to keep the organic matter in the surface horizons; loosening or deep cultivations up to 35 cm deep for good water infiltration. In order to adapt to different working conditions, the CULTIMERs can be equipped with various levelling tools and a wide choice of rollers. The CULTIMER range is equipped with quick and easy adjustments to ensure optimal user comfort.