The KUHN PERFORMER is the tool of excellence for your farm, performing all tasks to the best quality. This tool with discs and tines offers 4 actions in one single pass: chopping up, mixing or loosening, levelling and reconsolidating.

The PEFORMER is a combined disc & tine cultivator which strengthens KUHN’s position in the Minimum Tillage sector. Suitable for medium to high horsepower tractors (from 180 to 700 hp), the PERFORMER range meets the needs of farming enterprises who want a solution that optimises their output during very short working window. The PERFORMER offers the possibility of saving money on a large scale: one machine, one driver, one pass and less fuel consumption than conventional tillage. The reduction in mechanisation costs and wage costs guarantee better profitability for your farm. The PERFORMER cultivator offer the possibility of increasing your yields by improving the structure of your soils and allows you to seed at the same time with the SH seeder.