Discover XM2

Intended for all types of farming enterprise, the DISCOVER XM2 range is known for its increased level of comfort and reinforced structure.

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The DISCOVER XM2 disc cultivator stands out in the market with their self-supporting undercarriage. With discs in an X arrangement, the robust undercarriage and an efficient roller, this range allows you to increase your productivity. Available from 28 to 48 discs, these stubble cultivators can travel in many conditions and can be equipped with the SH small seed drill to combine two actions: stubble cultivation and seeding in one pass. In short, whether you have heavy or light soils, dry or wet conditions, few or desnse residues to bury, the DISCOVER XM2 ensures an optimal work quality. They offer the possibility of carrying out multiple tasks: stubble cultivation, grassland destruction, manure burial and deeper cultivations. The DISCOVER XM2 are extremely versatile, its the only disc tool capable of moving from stubble cultivation to deep cultivations in the blink of an eye.