EL 162-300 Biomulch

Check out KUHN’s EL 162-300 BIOMULCH rotary tiller with a working width of 3 m for shallow work. Change to regenerative agriculture, surface composting, mechanical weeding and bio fumigation with a sustainable rotary tiller!

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The EL 162-300 BIOMULCH rotary tiller will increase the organic matter in your soil and enhance your cover crops. The new EL BIOMULCH rotary tiller is an effective alternative to herbicides for min-till applications and organic farming. It is a highly versatile tillage implement and will contribute to reducing mechanization costs on your farm. KUHN’s EL 162-300 BIOMULCH is both simple and effective. You can work the surface of your plot at up to 10 km/h with 4 front gauge wheels. And forget about issues of smearing with the new 95°curved blades that ensure shallow work across the whole surface area. The hydraulic hood-opening system provides an optimum mix of soil and residues