This front-mounted shredder is the solution for intensive agricultural and landscaping maintenance, especially on steep plots. From roadside maintenance to scrub clearing work, the different models are also suitable for upland meadow maintenance.

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Grassy strips along the roadsides, paths and fields embellish the landscape but also contribute to biodiversity by serving as a reservoir for many plant and animal species… as long as they are well maintained. Appropriate management of these roadsides, ditches and embankments is an integral part of landscape maintenance. Fine and uniform shredding allows better decomposition of the material and facilitates its transformation into humus. It also helps to control the spread of weeds, thus to compensate for the use of plant care products, to ensure easy access to plots, maintain hedges, and finally ensure good visibility for road users. The aim is therefore to find the best compromise between protecting crops, maintaining and securing roadsides and meeting the expectations of the general public who want to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and preserve the environment.