Rigid RM shredders are available with working widths of 2.36 to 4.01 m and adaptable on tractors up to 200 hp. The folding RM R models feature working widths of 4.80 and 6.10 m and can be used on tractors up to 350 hp.

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Rigid or foldable RM SERIES shredders are suitable for shredding crop residues such as grain stubble, maize and sunflower stalks, but also for the maintenance of pastures and grasslands. They are mainly used by grain farms, machinery cooperatives or contractors. For the design of the rotor, we kept in mind three important criteria: a large diameter, a significant overlap between the tools and a high linear speed of the tools. The helical tool layout improves suction of plant biomass for better cutting and homogeneous distribution of residues on the ground.