SH Hoppers

With the SH seeder, benefit from an additional compact seeder adaptable on all VENTA, ESPRO, AUROCK and TF front hopper ranges. Discover new possibilities!

You can now sow 3 products at 3 different depths with the ESPRO RC seed drills and sow 3 products at 2 different depths in Conservation Agriculture with the AUROCK RC seed drill, all in one pass! The possibilities offered by several hoppers on a single seed drill are numerous and very beneficial. Establish two different varieties and incorporate fertiliser or a cover crop with three precise metering units, deliver starter fertiliser or non-moving minerals as close as possible to the seed, or protect the seedlings from pests such as slugs. With the SH seeder, enjoy an additional compact seeder that can be adapted across the VENTA, ESPRO, AUROCK and TF hopper ranges. Gain precision to sow your cover crop, slug pellets and fertiliser granules with HELICA helical grooves. It is the assurance of a perfect application rate and distribution in all conditions.