5 DF Keyline 5070

From vineyard and orchard work to gardening, landscaping and municipal applications, maximum productivity and flexibility are basic requirements of a financially successful business.

Simple and reliable with impressive performance.

All-wheel braking with wet disc brakes and independent valve, and easy to use, rationally and ergonomically laid-out mechanical controls: solutions for total safety and simplicity. Like its predecessor, the 5DF Keyline series has been conceived to minimise low running costs, and offers excellent value for money with superior build quality, state of the art design and complete compliance with Stage V emissions regulations, with a combined DOC+DPF exhaust aftertreatment system that does not require the use of AdBlue.




The remarkably compact FARMotion 35 engine contributes to the excellent manoeuvrability of the tractors of the 5DF Keyline series by allowing for generous steering angles. Electronically controlled common rail fuel injection, 7-hole piezoelectric injectors, turbocharger with intercooler and viscostatic fan form an impressive suite of technological solutions for optimising combustion efficiency to maximise performance while minimising fuel consumption. The new preheat system, on the other hand, ensures dependable, quick engine starts even in the coldest weather.

Just like the higher power models in the DEUTZ-FAHR family, maximum engine speed is just 2200 rpm, while the 80 model boasts a torque reserve of 28%. Compliance with Stage V emissions regulations is attained with a combined aftertreatment system with an external cooled EGR circuit, a DOC catalytic converter and a passive DPF filter, which requires neither AdBlue nor the use of additional fuel injected into the system to perform periodic DPF regeneration cycles. The entire layout of the exhaust aftertreatment system has been optimised by DEUTZ-FAHR’s engineers to keep the engine cowl profile as low as possible.




A choice of four transmission configurations is offered: ranging from 8+8, 10+10 and 15+15 speed versions (the latter with supercreeper gear), to the most comprehensive option, with supercreeper gear and underdrive for a total of 30+15 speeds. All four configurations are highly efficient solutions with fully-synchronised shifting, geared for a top speed of 40 km/h. Tractors equipped with the supercreeper gear are capable of working at ground speeds of just 298 metres per hour at maximum engine speed in the lowest gear. The choice to use powertrains designed and built entirely in-house by DEUTZ-FAHR specifically for the real life needs of tractors in this power class has made it possible to create a family of perfectly balanced, sturdy machines with extraordinarily efficient transmissions. In other terms, outstanding performance, low fuel consumption and minimal maintenance.




The mechanically engaged PTO has a separate lever-operated clutch allowing for smooth, progressive engagement and disengagement. An extensive choice of PTO configurations is offered, from the base variant with the classic 540 rpm speed mode to versions also offering 540 ECO mode (for use at an engine speed of just 1560 rpm) and “Syncro” groundspeed mode, which synchronises the PTO with the transmission for use with driven axle trailers.


Hydraulic system


The open centre hydraulic system is offered as two configurations with either a 42 or a 50 l/min main pump. Both variants include a secondary 18 l/min pump specifically for the hydraulic steering system, which ensures impeccably smooth steering action even at low engine speeds. A choice of distributor configurations is offered with either 4 or 6 rear couplers, while the potent rear lift is available as standard or compact variants. The standard variant has a maximum lift capacity (at the link ends) of 3050 kg, while the compact variant has a maximum capacity of 2700 kg. Both variants are equipped with a category II 3-point linkage. The functions of the lift are managed with the tried-and-tested Deutz-Fahr mechanical control system, which is renowned for its outstanding precision and efficacy even in the toughest working conditions. Unique 3-point linkage geometry and powerful control hydraulics have come together to create a potent and precise lift, which allows the tractors of the new 5DF Keyline to work with implements normally usable only with higher power machines.




Engineered and constructed entirely in-house, the front axles of all the tractors of the 5DF Keyline series feature multiple wet-disc brakes, giving these machines a true all-wheel braking for a total permissible load of 1800 kg. These axles offer a maximum steering angle of up to 55°, while the 100% lockable front differential lock is controllable from the driver seat with a practical pedal. A number of significant new features have also been introduced for the trailer braking system, and these tractors can now be equipped with a dedicated hydraulic trailer braking line which already meets the requirements of the latest safety directives. The electronic brake management system also includes a function for controlling the trailer braking line in the event of a malfunction of the tractor braking system. Ring ballast weights (weighing 86, 100 or 104 Kg) are offered as standard for the rear wheels, while up to 140 Kg of modular suitcase ballast weights may be applied at the front of the tractor. Ideal weight distribution, impressive ground clearance and 100% lockable front and rear differentials make the tractors of the 5DF Keyline series perfectly suited to all tasks, even the most challenging.




The modern, rational layout of the driver zone offers class-beating levels of comfort, with a low profile centre tunnel and easy to reach, precise controls. The Deutz-Fahr brand’s tried-and-tested colour-coded control layout ensures that every control is easily identifiable; the layout of the levers and buttons has been designed in accordance with the latest standards for ergonomics to make these machines as effective and to use as possible and minimise operator stress in even the most taxing conditions. The state of the art instrument dashboard features a practical digital display providing the driver with all the information necessary concerning the functions and operating status of the machine, while the gear levers ensure precise, effortless shifting action.