The multi-purpose BP 8300 shredder is mainly designed for the maintenance of pasture, fallow land and grassy areas, but its versatility means it can shred plant cover (mustard, phacelia…)as well as crop residues and maize stubble. As a triple combination, you can reach impressive work output rates.

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Shredding crop residues after harvest is essential for many reasons. Many crops carry risks of contamination with mycotoxins such as straw cereals, corn or sorghum. Shredding is therefore a solution to destroy the living environments favourable to the reproduction of diseases but also pests between two crops. In addition, undecomposed stubble can have an impact on the regularity of germination and therefore on the development of your next crop. By shredding your residues from the previous crop, you ensure the establishment of the next crop. Thanks to shredding you also benefit from an interesting ecological alternative to the destruction of plant or intermediate crops compared to the use of plant care products.