The SDS (Side Delivery System) range has been developed to shred grass in between rows of large-width vines and orchards and place it on the row. Available in 3 working widths, it has a unique delivery system to fit each plantation.

Shredding between rows in vineyards and orchards is the key to speeding up decomposition and conversion of organic matter into humus, but also helps to control the spread of pests, diseases and weeds. Shredding preserves plant health by increasing the contact surface between organic matter and microorganisms: pests have neither time nor space to develop in vine shoots or prunings. The subsequent transformation into humus results in increased nutrients available to feed crops and fertilise soils, improved soil structure and stability and stimulation of biological activity. When performed before seeding, shredding helps control weeds from spreading by avoiding their dispersal, thus reducing the use of herbicides. It also effectively limits evapotranspiration and protects the soil surface from solar radiation by optimising its cover with shredded material. As a result, water resources are preserved and remain available for plants during drier periods.