TRP over-ground shredders are designed to shred your vine shoots and other prunings efficiently and quickly, even in difficult or stony conditions.

The shredding of prunings has many agronomic advantages, thus becoming essential in the management of vines and orchards. Indeed, prunings provide an ideal environment for the development of parasites and diseases. Fine shredding preserves the health of plantations by increasing the contact area between matter and microorganisms: pests have neither the time nor the space to grow. With the RT and CV versions of the TRP, it is also possible to harvest the shredded material of the prunings. This helps reduce the risk of wood diseases, but can also be a source of green energy. Produced on the farm and usable as heating fuel, shredded material provides an economical energy resource. A real alternative to fuel or electricity, the use of this resource contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.