Whether you work with special crops, on the farm, in the stables or in horticulture and agriculture – the new 5G TB series is not designed for sideline jobs alone.

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Whether you work with special crops, on the farm, in the stables, or in horticulture and agriculture – the new 5G TB series is not designed for sideline jobs alone. The range of series equipment is unique. Highly efficient FARMotion engines (emission standard III B) with 102 hp or 113 hp, four transmission versions, from 10+10 gears to 40+40 gears with mechanical or electrohydraulic reversing switch (PowerShuttle), Stop&Go for starting up and stopping using just the brake pedal, SDD fast steering for achieving full steering lock with half as many turns of the wheel, four-wheel brake, mechanical rear power lift with a lift capacity of up to 4525 kg, front lift with a lifting capacity of 2100 kg (optional), 55 l/min hydraulic pump for up to three control units – complete your work in less time and with more precision and reliability than ever before with the large 5G TB special tractors. The driver’s platform – which is suspended in a vibration-free position and has a new digital instrument cluster – fulfils the most demanding of comfort requirements. With the new 5G TB series models you can massively increase your productivity and thus the profitability of your enterprise. Make the decision now and gain outstanding prospects for the future. Choose the new 5G TB series.




Hard at work under the newly designed bonnet is the extremely compact FARMotion four-cylinder engines (emissions standard III B). These common rail engines – which were specially developed for agricultural applications, with electronic fuel injection, optimized capacity, an EGR system (exhaust gas recirculation), and a DOC system (diesel oxidation catalyst) – supply maximum power and constant torque, even in low engine speed ranges. Fuel consumption, emissions, vibrations, and noise level are extremely low. Another new feature is the compact cooling system with a large cooling surface, charge air cooling, fuel cooling, and optimized air flow with a viscous-drive fan (optional). The dirt strainer has been divided into two for improved dirt separation and maintenance. The cooling system supports engine efficiency and is designed for long maintenance intervals as well as for maintenance to be quick and simple. You couldn’t up your productivity in a more powerful and efficient way.




Power is good. Precisely applied power is better. The transmission technology of the new 5G TB series ensures that the driver always has the exact amount of power available that they need for the job at hand, either in the field or on the road. You can choose one of two transmission versions: A simple mechanical 10+10 or 20+20 gear transmission system with a mechanical reversing switch (powershift speeds optionally) or an electrohydraulically engaged 20+20 or 40+40 gear PowerShuttle transmission system. All transmission versions reach the maximum speed of 40 km/h at a lower engine speed in ECO mode. The PowerShuttle system allows the driver to change the direction of travel without using the clutch or disrupting the torque by simply using a lever near the steering wheel. The Stop&Go system makes it possible to stop and start up without using the clutch by only using the brake pedal. Both systems make maneuvering, especially in tight spaces, significantly easier.




Four rear PTO shaft speeds are optionally available. With 540, 540ECO, 1000, and 1000ECO, the ground speed PTO with separate stubs, and the PTO shaft stub which can be removed, the 5G TB series models are genuine all-rounders. The front PTO, capable of 1000 rpm, also extends the range of applications your 5G TB can be used for.


Hydraulic System


Anyone who wants to be more efficient needs to be able to do more. The greatest strength of the 5G TB series lies in its versatility. The standard version of the highly precise mechanical rear power lift, which can be controlled using smooth-running levers, can lift 3600 kg with the internal lifting cylinder. With two additional cylinders, the lifting capacity can be optionally increased to 4525 kg. And this can, of course, also be controlled from the rear mudguard. A front lift with a capacity of 2100 kg and a front PTO with 1000 rpm is available as an option. The OpenCenter hydraulic pump supplies an impressive 55 l/min. It supplies up to three double-acting control units at the rear. No matter what moves you or what you want to move – with the versatile 5G TB series, you’re on the right track.




Stability, maneuverability, and safety. The new 5G TB series moves safely in all conditions, on any terrain, and on the road. In difficult terrain, 4-wheel drive and the 100% differential lock can be simply electrohydraulically activated. Two steering cylinders ensure extremely easy handling. The 50° steering angle makes it possible to maneuver precisely and without problems even in the tightest of spaces. The braking system is unique. All 5G TB series models are equipped with a four-wheel braking system. A separate brake valve distributes the braking force to each of the wheels on the front and rear axle in order to ensure maximum braking power under all circumstances. The front axle is equipped with oil-bath disc brakes. The innovative SDD fast steering system is a new feature. With the press of a button, it halves the number of times the driver needs to turn the steering wheel, thereby making the tractor significantly easier to maneuver. The separate steering pump that comes as standard also ensures easy reversing maneuvers at the headland and under heavy loads.




Drivers can only work with maximum speed and efficiency when everything is at their fingertips. This is why the new 5G TB series guarantees maximum convenience and intuitive operation. The driver’s platform, which is suspended on silent blocks, absorbs all vibrations. The driver’s seat and steering wheel are adjustable, allowing every driver to find their perfect working position. The control system has been restructured in accordance with the latest ergonomics criteria. All the elements which control driving, gear changing, hydraulic, and PTO shaft operation have been logically arranged according to the frequency with which they are used, placed within easy reach, and color-coded. The new instrument cluster in the steering column supplies the driver with all the relevant information regarding the driving and operating status of the tractor. It is clearly structured both in digital and analog forms. The driver can therefore concentrate fully on the work processes and complete the work quickly and precisely.


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