MS1000 Muck Spreader

Fleming Agri offer a range of high output muck spreaders, designed to shred and spread the muck evenly. The MS1000 muck spreader is ideal for large scale farms and holdings. A simple chain and sprocket drive line, mounted on heavy duty bearings gears down the spreader to reduce the power demand on the tractor and increase fuel efficiency.

It has a capacity of 9.5 cubic yards.

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  • Reinforced 4mm body welded internally and externally
  • Reinforced 6mm end plates
  • Reinforced drawbar for absolute rigidity when in operation
  • 45mm input shaft
  • 8 ton 8stud 80mm square bolt on axle for safe working operation with 550x60x22.5 wheels
  • Secure simple galvanised clip on galvanised chain guard for easy access
  • Heavy duty balanced rotor with 12mm discharge chains and spreader plates
  • Heavy duty 4 bolt flange bearings mounted away from the body for low maintenance
  • Large wash-out bung
  • Brakes and lights as standard
  • Double starter bars for rapid start up
  • Heavy duty 25mm duplex drive chain
  • Heavy duty galvanised hydraulic opening reinforced lid
  • Reinforced loading edge
  • Fitted with PTO rest as standard