MS150 Muck Spreader

The Fleming Agri MS150 is ideal for the equine, smallholder and horticultural markets. It offers a more complete and comprehensive muck spreading option for the 25-50hp compact tractor range. It has a high output with low horse power requirement, therefore the muck is shred and spread evenly. The MS150 is a trailed muck spreader, we also offer the Mini Muck for those who prefer a mounted option.

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  • Reinforced 3mm body welded internally and externally
  • Fitted with heavy duty 5 stud axle with 10/80/12 wheels
  • Fitted with 50mm balanced steel rotor
  • Reinforced starter bars for quick start up
  • Fitted with 14x10mm discharge chains
  • Geared down through a simple chain and sprocket drive line, mounted on heavy duty bearings to reduce the power demand on the tractor and increase fuel efficiency
  • The body is designed for easy access for loading