Series 8280 TTV

The new 8280 TTV is a reliable, powerful and fully connected working machine with the perfect technology mix for professional farmers and contractors.

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The new 8280 TTV is a reliable, powerful, and fully connected working machine with the perfect technology mix for professional farmers and contractors.

Equipped with the latest digital solutions from DEUTZ-FAHR, the new 8280 TTV enables you to operate the tractor in the most efficient way and thus, save time and money. With its powerful twin-turbo engine with 287 HP and a max speed of 60kp/h, DualSpeed Front PTO, and Dry Front Disc brakes it works fast and is extremely agile on and off the field. Thanks to the fully adjustable, intelligent front axle suspension and the further developed MaxiVision Cab, the new 8280 TTV maintains a comfortable working environment – even on the most demanding jobs.




The 8280 TTV is equipped with an all-new DEUTZ 6-cylinder engine with a 6,1 liters capacity and double turbocharger. It is designed for maximum performance and efficiency. The state-of-the-art Common Rail system meets the requirements of the Stage IV EPA and the injection pump is lubricated by oil – working with a high injection pressure of 2,000 bar that optimizes the combustion of fuel and guarantees a reactive and dynamic engine behavior. Thus, the well-rounded torque curve ensures high power reserves at lower engine speeds.

1000h oil change intervals and easy changing of the engine fluids reduce running costs and increase the availability of the machinery. Very smooth running shafts due to optional mass balancing guarantee a high level of driving comfort and low noise level.




The new continuously variable transmission SDF7780 is the result of many years of experience in transmission development and production. Due to the intelligent combination of a stepped planetary gearbox, clutch unit, and two hydrostatic units, it evolves a new compound transmission, combining the benefits from each element and guaranteeing an absolute optimum of power flow.

The 8280 TTV impresses with powerful acceleration, smooth deceleration, and fast response to changes in load. A simple transmission structure with two automatically shifted drive ratios allows smooth and automatic changes from lower to higher speeds, without any noise.

Thanks to the powertrain management it works efficiently and powerfully in all conditions. With engine speeds of 1,830 rpm at a top speed of 60 kp/h and 1,220 rpm at 40 kp/h, the 8280 TTV also shows its full potential in transport operations.

The robust structure combined with less weight, smooth drivability, easy service access, and the high mechanical ratio is the base for the comfort and dynamic of the 8280 TTV.




The new 8280 TTV provides complete flexibility with a choice of 3 PTO speeds as standard: 540ECO/1000/1000ECO. In combination with the Dualspeed Front PTO, wider and more efficient applications can be used. The implement loading on the rear PTO shaft is automatically measured in a fraction of a second and the engagement of the PTO clutch is proportional to the actual load. The modulated start-up can be adjusted in the iMonitor 3. The ECO PTO saves up to 18% of fuel consumption and the proportional PTO offers driveline protection for both the tractor and the implement.

The complete PTO unit can be removed for any maintenance without major dismantling of the tractor.


Hydraulic System


With a maximum lifting capacity of the rear linkage of up to 11,100 kg, the 8280 TTV tractor has the power to lift a wide range of implements. To guarantee the maximum versatility of the hydraulics, the new 8280 TTV is available in different configurations, all with electronic valves with fully proportional controls. There are up to five hydraulic control valves on the rear side, while the front area is equipped with up to three. The highlight: all valves can be controlled proportionally. The operation of the 8th spool valve is located on the small joystick and can be precisely used for combined maneuvers with the cross lever.

With its automatic or hydraulic lower link stabilizers, wheel slip control via radar speed, hydraulic top link, external remote controls, internal hydraulic pipes in the front support, and an excellent view of linkage and drawbar the new 8280 TTV guarantees maximum power and control.

Flat couplers as a further option are offered for the first time. The max. oil flow on both systems is an output of 210 l/min.




Productivity requires a maximum of vehicle control. In the field and on the street. At top speed as well as in difficult ground conditions and with the heaviest implement. The suspension concept of the front axle and the brake system of the 8280 TTV are unique in this tractor class. The intelligent and adaptive suspension system gives the tractor maximum stability – for heavy towing and for pushing tasks. The innovative anti-dive system stabilizes the tractor during all transport tasks and increases safety. The front axle suspension can be activated or deactivated independently from the speed – indispensable for heavy pulling applications or mowing.

The 8280 TTV is the only tractor in its range that is equipped with high-performance dry disc brakes on the front axle, which is mandatory for 60 kp/h and recommended for 50 kp/h and when high braking performance is needed. Unique on the market, the 8280 TTV achieves even with 60 kph a maximum permissible weight of 16t. The additional booster brake system ensures maximum braking performance with the lightest pedal pressure.




The new 8280 TTV is a working machine with a great level of comfort even on demanding jobs. Pneumatic cab suspension, computerized analysis of airflows, the use of high-quality materials, and the spaciousness of the cab of the new 8280 TTV create an inviting, comfortable, and productive working environment. The ergonomic design of the controls, the logical layout, and the clearly presented information make driving the tractor that much easier and safer. The cab is detached from the newly designed bonnet, which keeps the heat, vibrations, and noise out of the cab and raises the driver’s comfort to a new high-class level.

Due to the new MaxView Windscreen and the large windows on the side and on the rear of the tractor, the driver has the best overview and control of all implements. Powerful LED Lights with 50,000 Lumen reinforce the overview irrespective of the conditions outside.

The new analog, color digital and TFT technology of the InfoCentrePro provides clear information to the operator in all situations. Thanks to the mini-MMI all tractor settings can easily be adjusted.

To optimize the airflow and the comfort for the drive in the MaxiVision Cab, the air conditioning has been completely reworked and optimized. Air conditioning grids are mounted on the top of the fans to reduce the noise of the airflow, by keeping the high flow through there. Moreover, two additional air outlets are integrated into the steering column for better air distribution inside the cab.